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Requested Acknowledgements:Users please acknowledge B. W. Reinisch of the University of Massachusetts Lowell for making these ionogram images available.
Description:Collection of GIRO ionogram images at University of Massachusetts Lowell, covering selected ionosonde stations and periods of time from 1987-01-01 to current time, including 42 real-time data feeds. Total number of GIRO locations represented is 68 as of February 14, 2012. Access to images is arranged via a webpage containing a browsable data availability table. GIRO ionograms are visualized by plotting images in which received signal strength (color scale) is a function of echo delay (virtual range in vertical scale) and ionosonde frequency (horizontal scale) of the transmitted pulses. Echoes that can be used to derive remote vertical electron-density profiles, appear as discrete traces on ionograms. The ionogram traces are extracted (scaled) using image recognition software to obtain ionogram-derived characteristics of ionospheric plasma. Extracted traces and a table of major ionospheric characteristics are superimposed on the ionogram image