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Requested Acknowledgements:A heavy investment of time, effort, expertise, and funds continues to be made to produce, collect, quality control, interpret, and store digisonde ionograms. It is important that data providers and the UML DIDBase developers are appropriately acknowledged in scientific publications that involve analysis of data obtained from the Lowell DIDBase.
Description:GIRO provides accurate specification of the electron density in the Earth's ionosphere at >60 locations in the world. 37 GIRO locations provide real-time ionospheric data to the central server in Lowell, Massachusetts within several minutes. GIRO sites are equipped by Digisonde instruments that use the high frequency remote sounding technique to probe the bottomside ionosphere from 80 km up to the peak of ionospheric plasma density. Real-time and retrospective data from GIRO locations are ingested in Lowell Digital Ionogram DataBase (DIDBase) GIRO data are open for public access via DIDBase and DriftBase Web Portals, and custom software tools for digisonde data analysis, SAO Explorer and Drift Explorer.