Quick access to SPASE resource descriptions.

The "" web site is designed to work so that replacing "spase://" with "" in any SPASE Resource ID will get you to a landing page. The intent of the site is for quick, uncluttered access to SPASE resource descriptions.


What's a "landing page"?

Its a page which provides a summary of a resource and links to things you can do with the resource.

How to form a "" link?

Links at do not have parameters. An action or transform on a resource link is determined by file name extensions.

Supported Extensions

.xml : Get a raw resource description.
.html : Get a formatted resource description
.qrcode : Get a QR Code for a landing page.
.zip : Download all the descriptions in a folder.

Available Services

In addition to the ability to browse the registered metadata, provides all the SPASE registry services. For more details look here.

What else can you do at ""?

  1. Walk the tree of resource descriptions.
  2. View a summary "landing" page for a resource description (no extension)
  3. Use the SPASE registry services (with the SPASE Resource ID)